ABOUT : The “Real E-Indian” Project (TReEP)

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Indians are vocal. Every Indian has a story to tell. Even at a place where “Keep Silence ” boards would try to establish its clout, there would be Indians whispering to demean the board’s authority. And we don’t just speak with our mouths, we have various means. Most of the Indian classical dance narrates stories through gestures.  Most of the classical music, sings of Lord’s magical influential deeds. We communicate through expressions, physical force, plays, gestures and what not. Like we communicate on the roads with horns. Some people term that as sound pollution, but again that’s a mode of communication . Generally all the cars halting at the traffic signal are notified of the green light with the rear car’s horn. That is how we communicate. We are so vocal that our metro’s read ” Do not play music inside the train”, because yes, we like to make others listen to what we are upto. 

Because that’s what we do. That’s what we are best at doing.  Irrespective of the fact, If it is worthy or factual or even if thats real, we talk. Indians love to narrate stories, some of them are real, some painful, some inspiring, and some just exhilarating, like us, Indians. 

Talking is our “virtual” medicine to relieve ourselves from the latent pain.

Bolne se maan halka hota hai

was devised by one such Indian whose only escape from the pile of problems was to speak about it. I am not sure if just speaking about it, helped him/her because we have been talking of so many issues since so long. [ Babri Masjid, 1993 bomb blasts, Godara hatyakand, Sikh riots, women’s entry in Sabrimala … (& fill the dots ) ] 

Also, Its not anyone’s fault, we are so many. 1.3 billions of us, We are like that stock pile, which is being ignored just because our supply is humungous. 

Meet any Indian, and they will have innumerable stories to tell you, stories with every possible emotion, and their plight is not well accentuated in the democracy because we have uncountable issues which are perhaps more important than highlighting how a transgender was rapped by his uncle, yes, because there are girls in their single digit age who are being rapped by their father.

We all are floating in the same ocean of uncertainties. 

On the daily basis we are tackling and facing such instances, where we feel nothing more than being “Helpless”.  We see children doing things, which nobody should ever do. We listen to stories which we do not want to believe at. We listen to the shrieks for help, which we are bound to ignore. We look at the infrastructure, and we imagine Why ? We look at the roads and we think Why not ? We look at the children and we think Why them ? We look at the seniles, and we think atleast not them.  It seems we are trapped in an inhospitable system. Everyone talks of problems, but nobody accentuates the solutions. We pack our dissatisfactions  in tiny packets and throw them back in the trash bag of our memory or we talk about them. 

But there are several good things as well. We have found our way to happiness, in little things, in little achievements, We are such, Indians are gullible, we will believe you if you will talk sweet, we will believe you if you will speak what we wish to hear. And its just not that, there are so many unspoken stories, so many tales of inspiration,  so many people whom If you would have had met, might have changed your opinions or the way you look at things.  

Little cracks break the boulder.

And such little stories, leave big marks on all of us. 133.9 crore Indians, living on the 7th largest country, 2nd most populated, 6th largest economy by nominal GDP have a lot to speak, and have a lot to share. 

This place is about all those little stories, and the blogger’s experiences meeting several Indians. Real Indians, who have something really “sweet/acerbic/emotional/challenging/exciting/proud/saddening/inspiring” to speak of. 

You do not need to shout to be heard. 

Lets find out. 
Lets Enjoy this TReEP [ The Real E- India Project ]

In this voyage, Lets Discover the Undiscovered.

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