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What happens when Agriculturists start farming ?

Female workers packing cauliflower to be sent to Himachal Pradesh

About 150 Women wearing multiple coloured salwars took over the lush green farm, I could not deny but it was akin to butterflies dancing around a green orchard, such was the picturesque view of the cauliflower farm of G4 Agri. 

Karnal, which is the land for growing wheat and paddy, is being treated with miles of drip pipes to produce the early variety of cauliflower at this land of Karna ( a character from the epic, Mahabharata ) 

Like every other entrepreneur who wishes to take a plunge in the agri sector, this group as well thought to put the first gear of their wagon to exports. In an attempt to do something un-conventional in this North Indian region of Haryana, Dr Manoj Bhatia & Mr Manish  along with the support of few other friends and colleagues started their Gherkin export business in 2008. They targeted Russia.

2 acres of parental land was not enough, but was not less to start with. Both of them studied agriculture as major subjects and already had experience working with few of the well recognised agri brands in the country. 

But is the story that simple ? Is that what all it takes ?

No, Obviously.

Though the results were satisfactory, but the duo realised, its not what they thought of. It took another 3 years for them to understand how to make this business more profitable. They surely did not enter this realm just to reap what they did sow. 

In the first 3 years of crop rotation, they played around with tomato, capsicum , and tried many other vegetables and kept on experimenting until they realised AGRICULTURE is actually a profitable arena. 

Dr. Bhatia strolling in the cauliflower farm

“Learning is a continuous process” says Bhatia.

Now after almost 10 years since their first idea sprouted, they are talking to me sitting in their 95 acres of agricultural land giving more than 300 days of employment to more than 150 female and about 10 male residents of the nearby villages.

It is one of the farms in the entire region of Haryana, which is completely running on drip irrigation and relies on mechanised processes.

Are you wondering the same question, what I asked them ? How much did it cost to set up this system ?

“ The cost of only drip line per acre is around INR 70,000 – 75, 000 where as head pump will cost about Rs. 1.5 lac, which can be distributed for 10 acres. So, summing up this advanced form of precision farming will cost around Rs. 90,000 per acres. “ mentions Mr Manish.

“Its so expensive, Do you take out all your expenses after paying the lease of the land, daily wages, transportation and other costs involved. “ asked curious me.

He replied in one sentence, which pretty much resolved my query , “ We earn around 5 to 5.5 Lacs per acre.”

Now one can do the maths.

“Cauliflower” the vegetable which gathered a lot of accolades in the court of Louis IV. The vegetable on which Mark Twain once commented, “ A cauliflower is nothing but a cabbage with a college degree.” A perfect simile of what floats in 70% liquid in our skulls. Impressive, Aint ?

India holds second position for growing most of the cauliflowers and Indians have been growing it from 150 years, So there is nothing new that can be taught, but the new thing is how to grow it in the most smart ways. Because productivity alone cannot make the difference. 

What different are these people at G4 agri doing which is making their business super profitable ? What are the things that one should keep in mind before starting to think about agriculture. Keep yourself abreast.

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