Are you, What you once wanted to be ?

Photo credits :  Roshan Shetty 
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Today I took a plunge to write about a topic, which constitutes a major part of our lives. Discovering ourselves and discovering what we actually want to do ? What should we do ? What will be that thing which will be the source of sheer satisfaction ? Those questions might take a lifetime to be answered, but it is everyday that we are living and dying. And it is in these “everyday(s)” that we ought to find ourselves and fix the jigsaw, piece by piece.

You must have heard children stating weird fantasies, of who they wish to become when they grow up. To them future is just becoming what they would like to see themselves as, or what they would enjoy being, in that time frame without any tags or entitlements of what they should be and what not. All of that because they are untouched from the toxics of judgement. Us, as children, never cared or understood what does it mean if someone has reservation in their mind about being “someone” or being in any profession. 

Can you be 30, and still dream of working in a garage ? Can you be 35 and dream of just cleaning the streets and the roads ? Can you be 25 and dream of working in a shopping mart ? Those would be really peculiar choice of profession, if anyone picks them up. Peculiar but special to those who fathered such aspirations. 

When we dreamt as a child, we only thought of the pleasure we might get from doing that activity, because we dint know, that position and a huge number in bank, might matter. What all mattered was how to introduce a profession in the playful life.

As we grew up, we kept on forgetting them, and with time it faded off. We forgot who we wanted to be when no rank or no possession mattered.

We got influenced by so many things, that our little stupid dreams were just crumbled beneath the pile of big dreams, exceptional hopes and the drive to be successful. The drive was so intense that it drove few of us from what we wanted to be.

It is difficult to find yourself when there are thousands of factors which will affect you and the people who are associated with you but, Guess what ! If today you look back, you will still find few of those “want to be (s)… ” floating in your head.

Those innocent dreams always exist within us. The kid who wanted to work in garage might have became an engineer, The road cleaner might have became a development officer. The one who wanted to work in shopping mart might own one. But only if they remembered what they wished for at one point of time in life. 

Childhood is precious. Can you go back to the time when you were dreaming a lot, in your first 10-12 years of life and can you compare what you wanted to be with what you are today ? 

Your today might be better than your wildest “want to be(s)”, But did you try your hand at  your first “want to be…”?

I am stating all of that, because

at death bed it might be a good option to rue of  things that you did and smile at your stupidity rather than repenting on the things which will leave your face plain blank. 

2018, is on its way to bid farewell. Lets try out few of our childhood dreams in the year to come. Let every child dream. Lets make Childhood better. Lets realise how important that few years of life are and lets respect that beauty. 

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