The Ray

Never did she feared anything more than the sea
It holds so much so, that it questions her of her ability 

Its a champion, It will succumb her
If ever she announce a war with it,
She knew, It would be the winner 

It was dark
And someone set the sky to fire
Clouds had taken over the heavens
And perhaps it was her desire

To watch the water lose its gleam 
So she could witness the gloom, Water receding to its womb
To make space for more of it
Which might join the sea soon

What was that, which she just saw,
A beautiful ray of light, with a claw ?

It called her name,
“Impossible”, She exclaimed “ Oh ! So lame”

But she waited, and so did the ray 
caressing distantly, ogling at each other
She wondered, if ray was here to end the cold fire, 
up there which feathered ?

But this could be a plan of the sea
To sink her in as she lay supine 
and be proud of its power 
and declare again that its divine. 

As the cold water touched her feet 
She winked and took her leave

As she twisted her head,
She saw a plank flying by
With another glance, another passed by
Perplexed she wondered “What if this is a sign ?”

As she made one eighty
She saw a boat waiting 

Is it the ray ?
what does it want to say ?
Which now looks like halo,
Would It help her fight the water and make the sea shallow ?

To know the undiscovered
 She had to discover
So she rode the boat, & looked up at the sun,  
as if it was her new lover

But She promised, she would not go far
She would retrace, if threatened by the water

Since she did not want to take this fight
Since she did not want to lose and despise 

With a deep breathe she started to sail
She shivered, as her body was touched by the gale 

She was rubbing her hands, 
She was hugging herself 
She was collecting heat from the cold wave
She was pocketing and banking every hot exhale

She looked up at the ray 
and implored it to fight for her
She doubted, was she a fool to believe 
Will the ray ever challenge the water’s dare ? 

Fighting, striking and jolting 
With army of ray
Appeared the sun
And the clouds had to sway away 

And then she blushed, 
Her body revived, sudden fast paced blood gushed 
The sun made her cheeks red
And in winter, blossom clad 

She felt the sun came to rescue her. 
She hypothesised it was radiating its light to comfort her, 
to elude her from the cold. 
It was there, to help her grow old.

Tranquilly, travelling with the waves, 
In that moment of comfort,
She slumbered 
She was sailing fine, but She slept, Oh lord Oh divine !

Someone please wake her up
it was turning dark & time was passing by 
as she was dreaming and smiling 
Her guide was bidding her goodbye

She was puppet of the beautiful dreams
With her eyelids kissing each other
A fall in a dark deep pit woke her up
Heart palpitated and the dream was eventually smothered 

The worst nightmare just turned true
She was all surrounded by water 
The sea whispered, “ Now its just me and you”

She closed her eyes to undermine the reality 
She kept closing her eyes but it was mere pity

She could not go back to the dream
And the sun was on its way back
and decided to ignore her scream

Sailed  her boat too far chasing the sun, 
Thinking of it as her partner
Innate Inane Insane she was
Not knowing that She was just a traveller
It was foolish of her to think of the sun, as her lover

Neither can she see the land,
Nor does she know, 
where is it and how far she has to go ?

It came, conquered and left
And now she is there in distress and unrest 

Scared scattered and torn in the dark,
She runs her eyes everywhere 
Not a company, Alas ! Alone she has to stand upright, And be aware 

Time fades away everything, so does tide
And so will it fade the night
At the dawn, Sun might be there at her sight

And then she might go back where she came from
Or she might discover a land new and unknown 

But before it comes back, Would she survive to see another dawn
Would she watch the sunset from the coast line, or would she drown ?

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