Connecting you with yourself :MTNL

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Paying Rs 27 for a 24 minute call in 2019, is what Dolphin bestows you with.. 🙂

When the entire India waged a war against roaming calls and eventually succumbed it to death, my dear MTNL has not forgotten where it came from. It Still stuck to its roots. Still so primitive, so raw, so natural, and what people call it these days, yes ” ORGANIC” !

It does not take help of internet to get itself all pumped up or recharged. It maintains the human contact, you need to go to a shop and ask the vendor, ” Sir Please recharge my phone, so that I can *believe* I am able to talk to people sitting miles away and can feel the magic which all other network users feel.”

It teaches you innumerable lessons and hence furbishes you to be a better version of you.

It teaches you how to be a humane human : You need to be kind and confident, because chances are the vendor will mock at you. (I have no idea, why. don’t ask me please.)

It keeps you fit, It compels you to walk around while talking (if ever that happens). Because the network sticks are pretty naughty. They keep running around and you need to chase them to make them fit at the left upper most corner of your phone. (some of you might like to see the right upper most corner, depending on your phone )

It takes you to the path of self revelation and tranquility. Because you don’t want to be angry, No, Come on, not at your phone, you keep your calm all the time knowing that you are carrying a disease in your pocket. You learn to live with your flaws.

When the population is generally seen surfing on the web, in trains, metros, buses, you would just praise the beauty of the surrounding, because MTNL does not believe in getting engrossed in screen while travelling. MTNL also does not think its worthy to lie about its cellular network technology. It says its 3G and it does not need an upgrade to 4G.

Its renders the perfect kind of solitude, you will have a phone but you never feel like you own one. 🙂

For those who do not know what a Dolphin or MTNL is ? Even I forgot, so i googled what is this divine thing which I am *trying* to use ..

Google baba said : ” Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) is a state-owned telecommunications service provider in the metro cities of Mumbai and New Delhi in India and in the island nation of Mauritius in Africa. “

& I was scratching my head meditating on 2 questions,

What ? You went to Africa ? What ? Mauritius is in Africa ?

So, If you wish to find yourself, Let yourself lose with MTNL. Use MTNL in any state for 3 months, and you would be on your path of connecting with your soul. You will be a sage.

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