Review 1 : 100 years of Solitude

Originally published in : 1967

Author : Gabriel García Márquez

About the Author :
Colombian novelist, Short story writer, Screenwriter, Journalist.

His works have achieved significant critical acclaim and widespread commercial success, most notably for popularising a literary style known as magic realism, which uses magical elements and events in otherwise ordinary and realistic situations. 

Reading Experience :

Having finished one read of “100 years of Solitude”, I realise I fathom almost nothing, because of nuisance created by the names. In this story of multiple generations, Aureliano, Arcadio and Amranta kept repeating themselves alongwith the story of their lives. However, even when the whole book was entwined in a vicious tricky circle, there was not even a single point of time, where the reader thinks of this idea. The whole narration, the use of words and the magic that is scattered through each and every sentence used in the book, transposes you actually to Maconda (Where the story takes shape).

Though every character in the book, has his/her time of happiness, which they cherish the most, none of them continues to have it and succumbs to inexorable solitude. The love affairs, the incests, the parental love and the love for self are so wonderfully and sagaciously depicted, nonetheless all of it ends or disappears and then ignites again with another character. The family house keeps on dilapidating and someone refurbishes it signifying the new life and new story which reinstates alongwith it.

Solitude of every kind and every stage of life, starting with the solitude of a child who is separated from her parents, of a child who is not allowed to hang out with the peers, of the ones who are not accepted in the society, of the prostitutes, of the one who are successful, beautiful, of the ones who work too hard to please others, of the ones who own everything but could not find love, of the ones who go to war, of the ones who rebel, of the ones who fall in love with someone passionately, of the ones who surrender their lives for the welfare of others, of the young, of the adolescent and of the senile. The book is so full of life and addictive that one would have to force themselves to drop it.

Ease of Reading :  Difficult

Personally, I had to keep going back to the dictionary for assistance. Also since the family tree was very complex. I might need another read to have a better insight of the book.

Hearts (on 5.) : Absolutely ❤ | ❤ | ❤ | ❤ | ❤

Favourite Stumbles :

  • She reached the conclusion that the son for whom she would have given her life was simply a man incapable of love.
  • The situation had made him the husband of his concubine and the lover of his wife.
  • Its not the first time that a woman has gone crazy over a man.
  • She looked like a newborn old woman.
  • He did not buy books in order to learn but to verify the truth of his knowledge.
  • In the darkness of the room she was able to thread a needle and sew a buttonhole and she knew when the milk was about to boil. She knew with so much certainty the location of everything that she herself forgot that she was blind at times.

[ The book is full of such stumbles, but i read most of it while travelling and hence, the beautiful lines escaped the mark of my pen and the edges of the paper were saved from the brunt of folds. But next time, I will be better prepared to search all the corners of my next read to prize open more of such magic. ]

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