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Every worthless idea is worth trying for

I asked for a very weird Favour, Favour in Bangkok, Thailand.
Probabilities are high  that you are just going to waste your another 5-10 minutes reading this hogwash, But I assure you it has a happy and crazy ending, So rely upon me, sit back and proceed….

Let me tell you about that episode where an insatiable desire to enter a night club made me do something which I can add in my list of “CRAZY THINGS I DID IN THIS LIFE” library.

I was visiting Bangkok, and I was told that “this” Night Club which is supposedly the best club in the city should be struck off from my ” fun places to visit in Bangkok” list.And so, I was visiting the night club, where I was supposed to dress up properly and look “classy”. I did not focus on the “classy” part and I just wore random stuff which included a pair of Kolhapuri chappals and a floral dress. Fine, I am a Farrago, not good at keeping up with Fashion. But, If you dont know Kolhapuri chappals, I have attached one image for your reference below, Okay I agree these are way cool, but mine were no less. Okay ? So, I was supposed to reach there by 22:00, which I did. 

As I proceeded to enter the club, I was greeted by the keeper in quite a strange manner, which included hackneyed pointing down and then at the door. What ! I was asked by the keeper to go back. I asked why ? He signalled at my slipper and then at a board which displayed what all could have I worn tonight, which included anything but chappals.

Poor me. The trivial chappal got all the attention. The place where I was living, was quite far from the Sathorn Square town night club. So, I asked him what should I do, He suggested to buy proper sandals and come back.

He asked me to go to the nearby market, which was 30 minutes away. I followed, because obviously I WANTED TO GO INSIDE THE COOLEST CLUB in Bangkok. I booked a cab using the most amazing application ” GRAB”. You can find more about Grab and other important things in Bangkok from this link.

It was about 22:45, and I reached the market, It was “PATPONG NIGHT MARKET” which actually was not a market but a gay and sex show lane. There are 3 such places in Bangkok, where you will find these subjects dominating : 1) Nana 2) Soi and 3) Patpong.

I was roaming on that street looking for feminine sandals, Which i could not found. Not even one. But i made my way to 2 gay & almost 1 sex club. 

I talked to few people there and they suggested that “THAT CLUB ” is a must go and it only operates on Wednesday. “So, Now , No way i can skip that.” I said to self. 

It was 00:30 and i could not find myself sandals, but I had enjoyed company of few gays and few ladyboys as well :D, which was super fun.

The thought that I lost my chance to go to the best club in Bangkok just like that , was eating me. So i decided to take another cab to go back to square one. 

There were 2 things on my mind :

1) The Keeper must have forgot about me and my chappal issue
2) I will fold my hands and beg him to let me in for just 5 minutes, so that i could just see how does the “BEST CLUB” in the city looks like.

Plan 1 failed, because he still remembered me, and pointed at my slipper from 100 meters. It was time for plan 2. I prepared myself for the upcoming drama and made sure every piece of me seeks sympathy.


Plan 2 dint work either. My acting skills failed, I was disappointed and Lost my chance to enter the club including having myself got embarrassed  (little )  All I wanted was, to see, how does the club look like from inside.

May be things do not work in the manner in which you wish them to be.

Malala came to my head.

Also, One idea can change the sequence of events. and It happened then and there. I looked out for a women of my height ( 5’9″). I could not find the exact match, but I found one women who was talking on the phone and was wearing a shimmery kind of footwear. I went upto her and asked her the question I was most dreadful about, ” Mam, do you speak English.”, to which she said. ” YES, I DO”

I could not hold my victory smile, I said to self ” SHE SAID YES. SHE SAID I DO.” It was like, She said yes to my ” Will you marry me ?” The happiness squared with it. I won 50% of the battle, I then asked her, ” Can I please borrow your sandals for 5 minutes ? ”

I think, she never came across such a question ever before, not at-least from a stranger and above all, not from an immigrant, so she asked again , ” WHAT ? WHY ? Are you sure ? ”

I calmly explained her, of my insatiable desire to go inside the club and this favour seeking, being a consequence of that.

I guess she sympathised and SHE AGAIN SAID, ” YES”
There was a little exchange ceremony, of smiles and slippers.

I forced my giant feet to enter those little Cinderella shoes. I made my way back to the club’s entry gate and gave that keeper a look, which figuratively meant , “HEY !  LOOK DOWN. Who is the boss now.”

He laughed a little, so did I and he gently pressed the button which opened the lift door to floor 39.

And that was the story of me asking a stranger in a foreign country, for her sandals, to enter a night club.

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