Happy Women’s Day to all the Men

Let me pick the modern pen and write this one, purely as a prospective of a woman (a woman and not a feminist, the word which has been only doing wrong rounds )

To start with, I wish you a very Wonderful Women’s day. Firstly to the MALE readers and subsequently to the FEMALE readers. In that very order. Yes !!

Here, Ladies are not first.

I wish the Women followed by Men, because it is due to all the men, we, women, wish to feel more like Woman and less like Man. Thank you for making us feel equally wanted and respected.

Why do you think, people compete for their existence, Its not because they are anything less in their skin. The competition knocks the door when the existence of one, outruns or overshadows the existence of the other. And this has been the case in all the competitive arenas.

Can I take a moment, and talk about something else for a while ? You know, how a woman jumps from topic to topic without following any straight route. I came across this image a few days back, and after laughing for about few minutes, was taken aback by the incomparable artistic geometry of both the images. Anyway.

Nastaliq and Shikastah script artists once the pride of persians, are no more to be seen anywhere. For that matter, many of the calligraphers are losing their worth and significance, failing to catch up with the exponential speed of internet and keyboard typings. Leave something as vulnerable as script, We, in the capacity of humans, have dried out rivers ; We, have made polar bears come out on streets ; We, have made the glaciers melt ; We, have turned the mountains into plains ; We, have transformed the fertile lands into deserts and the most amusing contemporary thing to me is how we are clamouring for the safety of gigantic monstrous animals (like Elephants, Tigers, Gorillas, Rhinos … and the list goes on ) who possess all the power and strength to crumble hundreds like us in a snap of a finger.

The sarcasm is that, the exploiter exploits, brings the exploited to the brink of extreme suffocation and in some cases extinction and then realises the worth of the dying or the exploited.

But the fact remains intact.

The Exploiter is the greatest saviour

If you have somehow fabricated the image of a Man as Exploiter, I would take a moment here, to reprimand you with a strict “NO”.

In the case of Women, more than man, the society which was equally created by the efforts of men and women is to be blamed. No civilisation, no dynasty, no culture celebrated womanhood in a way it should have had. And somehow perhaps due to the fact that the division of labour was majorly divided between the two sexes to make things simpler and easier, it was rather taken as a thumb rule by few males to dominate the society in the later phases of the era.

Though, there is nothing that a woman cannot do.

But why, why do we want her to do everything to prove her worth ? Would she be anything less, if she might not lift 500 kgs? If she might not fly an aeroplane ? If she might not fix a broken car ? If she might not raise a child well ? If she might not be gentle as feather ? If she might not cook and remember the important dates ?

I am sure, all these characteristics might be equally endured by a gentleman. If a man can remember important dates, if he can cook, if he can be as gentle as a feather, if he can raise a child better than his counterpart, if he can fix a car well, if he can fly an aeroplane or if he can lift 500 kgs, It should not make him a man any less comparable to anyone else.

And, there could not be any parity between men and women for that they are so distinct in their own ways.

There hardly could be a scale to measure the femininity of a woman and comparing it with the masculinity of a man. We still need an instrument to compare the taste of oranges with that of bananas.

But, I have grown up with an idea, that men are more secure and liberal to perform what they please. They can roam around at any hour, they can go to places on their own, they can chose to talk to anyone and can fight hooligans better and hence, if anyone asked me 20 years back, ” Hey Girl ! what would you like to be when you grow up.” I would say in my mind, ” Nothing like a woman”.

Now, after coming out of the shackles of the beliefs of a lower middle class family in India, having made umpteen solo travel trips and after conversing with about thousands of totally random and unknown men in my life, at every hour of the day and night, I revoke my words as a child, and say,

” I adore being a woman”

And thank you to all the men, for letting me cherish this blessing of being a woman and Thank you again, for making me feel more like a WOMEN and less like a MAN.

And it was all possible due to all the men who have made me feel so. It was because of all the men who have made me feel comfortable during my voyages to find myself (and the boat is still sailing). Thank you to all the men who have made me believe that I can do everything weird that comes to my mind, I can live in whatsoever uncanny manner and I would not be judged on the basis of mere sexuality. Thank you for making me realise being a woman is the inimitable blessing one can receive from the almighty.

Just, Be a Man to a Woman, and we might be celebrating “Happy gender day” soon.

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