A movie that moved me till bones

A still from the movie freedom writers

Lately (since few years) I have been reading more than I ever did. In my early ages of life, neither did I read much nor did I watch as many movies as any average person might have had. I never liked the idea of sitting in front of a screen, and more than that, It happened very rarely that I could connect or found that zeal to keep myself very intact with the spirit of any motion picture.

I started to read more, to understand more, to know more, to be a better person that I was a day before, Nothing new in that… I tried kept the realm of subjects wide enough so that I get enough experiences and I have been having a hard time to catch up with my own stipulated time checks to finish few books. Its been a bit hard. I have been looking for books, to inspire me more, so that I can understand myself in a better way. All the books I have read till now, have inspired me in a way or another, but still I have not found any specific one to look upto as my religion, by that seems to be hard as well. I do not think that it is pragmatically possible or justifiable to ask for best of all the worlds in one piece. But in this mean time, to augment the pace of my understandings I vouched on movies as well. Though my ability of watching movies still is struggling, but once in a blue moon I check the screen and ask myself to hold up till it finishes a piece. Most of the times I watch movies, its just out of the wish to finish it and announce my victory to stand it for 2/3 (whatever) hours.

But this one, the movie i just finished watching, I never wanted it to finish. Literally never.

After having a very unproductive, a silent and depressing Saturday inundated with mere eating and sleeping with few random readings in between, I decided to take a plunge on Netflix as the Calendar date was prepared to add one to it in few more hours.

I started with “Period. End of Sentence”, which lately was awarded at the Oscars in the Documentary Short Subject category at the 91st Academy Awards. It was a thrilling story of real characters with real motives and motivations and hardships forming a beautiful story altogether . If you have not already watched it, I recommend you to watch it, Its a short movie of about 30 minutes and not just the story, It has got some beautiful angles and frames.

Followed by the short documentary, I watched 2 episodes of Bojack Horseman. I heard of this series from someone very dear, So just to try out their advice I watched it, and It was equally a good experience to watch the sitcom. Though it was supposed to be a comedy sit back, I actual found it to be more than that. It has got elements which are very mind boggling and heart wrenching as well. The kind of character Horseman represents is supremely, (i paused writing here for about 1.5 minutes, cause I could not think of a proper word). I still cannot think of an apt word here. Though the character is represented as stupid, rather than being such, Horseman projects very sagacious. The character is very very prudent and talks of subjects in a fashion which keeps you awestruck. This judgement I am making only after watching 2 episodes from season 1.

And then randomly browsing through Netflix, I ended up watching the movie, which engraved its name in my heart or rather in each part of my body.

The movie is called “THE FREEDOM WRITERS”.

Its a very ordinary story of an ordinary teacher who develops all the power, skill and courage to make something extraordinary. Its a 2007 released movie starring “PS I Love you” famed Hilary Swank as the lead. Its based on a real story of Eric Gruwel, who in 1994 started to teach English for at-risk students at Woodrow Wilson High School, a once highly acclaimed school, but where racial tensions increased since the Los Angeles riots two years prior. The movie has moved me in a way that right this moment I wish to be a teacher.

The teacher just does her job and it reminds me of one of my favourite quotes I read written at one of the walls at a pious place. “You are what you do” and she just performs what she thinks is the best in her position and capability to do. Not that she bows down to the severities that she has to face, she does not fight anyone. Being as calm and composed as she should be as a mentor, respecting everyone, she moved mountains. {I LOVE SUCH CHARACTERS}

Watch this movie, if you have not already. Below is a picture which holds few of the real characters, which were depicted in the movie alongwith Hilary.

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