My March went in circles

An year back, I was travelling to south… It so happened that I and Ms. Arya (The friend) had the privilege to have a very very exciting ride.

A hitchhike from Auroville to Chennai.

I said ” very very ” exciting, cause in the beginning, we thought the excitement and fun ended as we got into the wagon of our choice, a luxury car with super chilled AC, (a paradise in the scorching sun of south). But listen you, It was just the beginning. As we opened the doors and adjusted our buttocks to the super comfortable seat, we saw the driver raising his glass and nodding a cheers to his companion. We looked at each other and thought how much more fun could this be ? Both the gentleman were little drunk and hence so much fun.. They represented some political party.. After one year of time lapse, I cannot exactly remember the details of the discussions that we had on our way to Chennai, but what all i remember is : We had a good portion of laughter. In our luggage we had display of two musical instruments, they asked if we can entertain them. We said, “VOILA! we have been looking for audience”. I don’t know about Ms. Arya, but for a moment I thought they will even tip us for our enchanting performance. *Sigh !* As you can figure from my sigh of disappointment. They only recorded us and that felt good enough 😀

It was a very fun ride. We were dropped at Mahabalipuram, WHICH I ABSOLUTELY FELL IN LOVE WITH.

After spending our time at Mahabalipuram, we were supposed to head to the Chennai airport. Our flight said, we should report to them at about 21:00.

We were so relaxed that we dint bother much. We saw a beach nearby and it was sunset. We looked at each other and without any trade of words, we knew what we wanted. yes. DANCE AT THE BEACH 😀 . Ms. Arya has a very very grand yet tiny speaker. We sat at the beach looked at the dull faces around and took it as our responsibility to lit up the beach with a little of music and little of our swaying moves. As we planned we executed. Ahem ! but nothing changed, It was as dull as ever. So, having enjoyed ourselves we looked at the watch and thought to check the Uber prices.

It said, “NO uber available for your area.”
It seemed to be just like one of those persistent perilous problems. So, again without any exchange of words, we decided we will sway to the music at the beach a little more. Because , come on ! Uber is ubiquitous.

we could have kept dancing to the music and could have given the eyes who were staring at us, a little more entertainment, but we understood, they wont tip us. So, we left.

And then only, we realised, it would take about 2 hours from there to reach the Chennai airport only if we change a bus in between. As soon as we heard these words. Again, without any exchange of words, we started to run towards the bus station. We ran and ran till we got at the bus station.

They could not promise us the flight. So, we thought what else can we do. Before this our bodies were dancing, and now it was our hearts. Palpitating. It was an “INDIGO”, If any of you have ever travelled in an INDIGO, you would know, they are so punctual, that it does not even seem like an Indian brand. Only few days before, I had lost an Indigo flight from Delhi to Chandigarh and to compensate that loss, I had to take an Uber to Chandigarh. While I was thinking of back ups, I realised, It will cost hefty to take an Uber from Chennai to Delhi. So, I left the thinking part and instead got involved with Ms. Arya into some hogwash discussion.

We were competing with the needles of the watch. If the mode of transportation was not racing, It was either our heartbeat or our legs. But guess what, WE MADE IT !! We smelled like fresh poop, but we made it 😀

I wrote this today, to tell you that, something very very similar happened to me exactly after an year. I was travelling to Pondicherry last weekend. I had a flight to catch from Chennai to Hyderabad. It was 6:00 am. The flight was at 13:00. Being so sure that I had enough time to catch the flight, I decided to walk all the way from Auroville visitors centre till the bus station (if you know this place, you will know, how far is that, few Kms). I was not wearing a watch, and I dont look at the phone that often. So, I had no record of time. I dont know how long did it take for me to reach the bus station, cause in between I again asked for a tiny lift till the bus station. I had not eaten anything i was excited to have a breakfast at one of the French places in Pondicherry. So, from the bus stop I again asked for help. The guy was such a wonderful human. He dropped me at the beach. I thanked him tonnes and stood there by the beach for couple of minutes till I realised that it was 9:00 am. I was told by a gentleman that the bus would take about 3-3.30 hour to reach the Chennai airport and possibilities are very high that I will have to walk till Hyderabad. The same, the same events took places. Racing. Palpitating. thinking of alternative modes of transportation and eventually I made it. Hurray !!

But, what I am thinking right now is, Is my life running in CIRCLES ? 😮
Ops ! Sorry if you read till here and realised that you wasted few precious moments of your life reading gibberish !

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