The wedding in Kerala

I have to, I HAVE to make this post :

This is a story from 2018, which I have narrated the most in the last one year.

This has to do something with my obsession of attending weedings. ops ! I meant Weddings… The beauty of attending a wedding is : You get to enjoy everything : beautiful pretty make up faces, dresses, food, chaos, drama, dance, music and food (oh ! i already mentioned the food part)

But there is a condition, It should not be yours. So, as long as it is not your weeding (damn ! I meant, wedding), that would be a perfect treat !

However, my pain is, nobody invites me to weddings. People say nice words like these to avoid any genuine invitation : “Come on! Hey, you dont need an invitation.” BUT atleast I should know one’s wedding date to even crash at it. I know, I look like one, and behave like one 😉 but I am not a sage afterall. And knowing my capability to crash at weddings without invitation, the universe do not announce it. Anyway !

SO, what happened was this :

It was a mundane start of 2018. I could see many posts and announcements declaring “ENGAGED”. While I had no candidate to share this kind of post with, at an age when everyone has at least got a lover, My supreme worry was that I was not receiving any invitations. I was depressed, I kept thinking, was anything wrong with me, Why wont anyone call me to attend a weeding (Ah ! I mean wedding) and then i was bestowed with a “Ms. Sreeja.”

I knew Ms. Sreeja, from work, she worked in Kerala and I in Delhi. Somehow it was brought to my attention that she would be getting married soon. We talked over Whatsapp for few weeks and Boom : SHE INVITED ME.

That was all that I wanted at that time. I booked my tickets to KERALA to attend the Weeding.

I tell you, I had never met Ms. Sreeja before. We only talked on phone few times (perhaps 4 to be precise) and she told me the name of her husband on one of the whatsapp chats. That was our relationship till then.

The day came, March 11, 2018. I reached the destination of the wedding. I had no idea about anything, I even forgot the name of her husband, and I dint know any face, and had not Ms. Sreeja exclaimed “MY DEAR Monika”, I might not have even recognised the bride.

But then, then I found out I was at the right place. The place was swamped with love.

Sreeja and Febin dancing at their awesome wedding

Ms. Sreeja’s family is Hindu Brahmin, Mr. Febin’s is Christian, and they have rose up really high from the shackles of religion. Nobody wanted to favour any religious processions, neither they wanted to mix anything to make a hodge podge from cake and sambar. So, they called it a marriage of their hearts and families rather than of customs and traditions. They got themselves registered as husband and wife at the court and this was their treat to all those people who knew them and wanted to congratulate them over food and dance (known as reception in literature).

After one year, when I think of those two people, I feel how magically universe works to bring people closer who are meant to be together. I am so glad you invited me, I am so blessed to have known you and I wish you guys an awesome life ahead (with me or without me 😛 ). But, If you keep me close, It would be fun. I assure 😀

This kind of love .

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