Need, Numbers and the obsession

There are several occasions when I feel I should communicate with you. There are several times, when I feel the necessity of telling you things that made me a little brighter and a little uplifted than the previous day.

Several times, the necessity of us outperforming in the field of our work compels us to think more. It compels us to keep crawling, keep walking, keep running and it compels us to keep the spirit of sprint always up. We start to dream big and we keep dreaming more. We start to achieve little and we start to achieve more. The path laid down is infinite. There is no end to it.

I say so, because every zenith of every play, is judged by numbers, which practically is non-existential. There is no end to numbers. Add a digit at the back, in the front or squeeze another in the middle somewhere, and it pops a new possibility of something new which is achievable and which exists. Though every number is existential, the end to it is non existential.

Nobody can ever be contented with anything or everything, cause there will always be a scope of improvement. I do not mean to ask people to settle with less, but the difference between want and need should be segregated. In the race of fetching the want, we ignore the importance of need. Need deserves more respect than Want, anyday and anytime.

I can have 3,09,234 pair of clothing, but If I do not understand the importance of my 2 pair of jeans, I can never respect the “n” number of jeans. The more I collect, the more I get involved with the collectives, to up the number, when the necessity was to just keep myself cladded with something to keep away from any visual, abiotic or biotic attack.

Something similar happens with life, We wish to collect fame, money and pride and sometimes in that process, we need to and indeed we have to sacrifice the time, which we wanted to invest in something as lame as to learn how to mend a torn shoe. I cannot invest my next three months in learning how to make earthen pots, beacuse i might lose the time to fill my bank account with some money. I cannot invest my next nine months in learning how to speak fluent spanish, because I am not even planning to be a spanish language teacher, nor even planning to work in the country or anything which is associated or attached in bringing me any monetary benefit. Because, IF I do so, i might lose my time in making connections in the industry where I work. If I invest my next year in learning buddhist chants, given that I am not even Buddhist or religious, or I do not mean to promote the religion or the art, people might tag me as “feeble minded” because I have no idea what I wish to do with the things I do.

But may be the canvas of this painting could be totally different and the picture it presents, might not appeal the viewer, but the painter never painted any picture in the thought of pleasing anyone.The painter ever painted beacuse s/he had a thought in his/er head. Just a thought.

If scientists ever knew what was going to be the result of their deed, the mere work would not be called experiment, and would be called ‘activity’ instead. If the time spend by them would not have been invested in doing random experiments, I wonder if there was any light bulb, radio waves, electromagnetic transmission or anything that we see around today.

The aim of reaching the epitome is non existential, but the aim of reaching a critical point is achievable, where one knows, what is needed to sustain. what is required to keep one happy, contented.

The want to have good numbers in the bank account, having a giant wardrobe, a big house, numerous people to exploit (known as servants), big SUVs, Mercedes, Audis and other big brands and what not, have just started to demean anything and everything which does not bring you any of these. Every work you perform, every thing you do has to have a face value to it, and economic inclination to it. It should be done so that it could help you bring more money or fame or something which eventually will raise up your social value.

But is it not derogatory ? Why everything has to be associated with numbers. If someone knows what is the bare essential, what minimum is needed to keep someone in the zone of contentment, why do we need a number to always judge the existence of the person with something as feeble as numbers.

I again repeat, it is not for everyone to follow. But in the world where everyone is racing towards the numbers, Can we give space to few who do not wish to be a part of the race and just flirt around with their own lives without targeting any number ?

It is important to understand, that we can live happily with 4 pair of pants and 4 pair of shirts. We can live happily with three meals a day. We can live happily with minimum account balance in our banks which is sufficient to take care of our health and emergencies. We can live happily with one house to accomodate friends and family and no servant at all. But that’s it. Why we have to push the numbers high and keep on doing that ?

Why let the numbers posses you ?

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