Review 3 : By My Side, Sue Reid


AUTHOR : Sue Reid


Could not find much about the author, Sue Reid, however landed up at this page which gives most of information about her.


A beautiful and simple love story enclosed in a diary of a teenager who finds love amidst war, hate and nuisance during the second world war. The story starts in Netherlands, when the second world war was fresh and Jews were treated as inhumanely as possible. The protagonist of the story, Katerine  records her love interest in the dairy as she feels she cannot discuss her feeling as much as she can jot down in the paper. Her first interaction with Jan is when she rescues him from a trouble and instantly feels connected to him. The problem is that Jan is a jew. Along with love, the story discusses the everyday struggle of a jew living in a country which had nothing to do with the war. The entire story coming from a teenager is presented very innocently and lucidly. Katerine and Jan’s love is pure and very mature, for they know their responsibilities and watch out for each other, without any verbal contract. The crises of food, security, and other essential portrays that not only jews were troubled but also the non jews had trauma to survive in those times.


HEARTS (on 5) : ❤ | ❤ | ❤ | <3|<3

Favourite Stumbles :

Though the story is very simple and short and I could not find anything worth underlining, however, one thing wrenched my heart when Katerine asks Jan on his 18th birthday, what do you want to be when you grow up. He says, ” I want to grow up”.

Another thing, which I wanted to add : I got this book for just Rs. 20 from Janpath Sunday book market, and I am glad of my investment.

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