Review 5 : Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki


AUTHOR : Robert Kiyosaki


American businessman, Author, a private financial education company that provides personal finance and business education to people through books and videos


It is one of the books which is ought to be found in every library and book store. I have been escaping from the book from quite a long, but eventually picked it up and I am so glad that I did.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is not just about being Rich or poor, it is more than both of these. It has all the ingredients which we miss in our academic years at school and college to understand about financial prudence. It can be called to be a self help cum financial cum marketing book which hammers the nail on head. There could be nothing better than the little narratives of Robert which he learns alongwith his friend Mike from his Rich Dad (Mike’s father). In the innocence of childhood, Robert and Mike, wants to become rich and gets mentored by the rich dad. Robert puts forth the teachings of his rich dad, who is a business man and does not have any academic degree and his poor dad who is a teacher and earns good money but believes in the rules of dogmatic society. The lessons very succinctly and lucidly accentuates the arguments on how one can be rich. Though Robert talks mostly about financial stability, the book also opens up a wide lot of streams where the arguments can be taken to.

Other than the sane and sagacious investment of money into assets, which Robert very well differentiates from Liabilities, a lot many insights are given. In the last chapter of the book, Robert focuses on few points which can be applied to any point of time in life to be successful and happy. He talks about increasing the worth of one by augmenting one’s value in front of others. He talks about how most of the talented people are poor because they generally fail to market themselves or their talent. It is important to have talent but without being able to sell it, simply destroys the worth of the talent.

HEARTS (on 5) : ❤ | ❤ | ❤ | ❤ |<3 (4 /5)

Very simple read . Very well put. Recommended for all. Especially to those who don’t know where their money is making its way to, even after they are working so hard day in and out. Also very highly recommended to the people in their initial year of job or business.

It is a short read and is full of statements which catches ones attention.

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