Review 6 : My Experiments with truth, Gandhi


AUTHOR :  MohanDas Karamchandra Gandhi


“Father of the Nation”, India. Harbinger of Non Violence, Peace and an important name in the Indian Freedom struggle.


”  While he was alive, it was impossible to ignore. Once he had gone he was impossible to imitate “, this statement by Shahi Tharoor in his book “The Great Indian Novel” has always inspired me to read Gandhi’s autobiography.

The book is divided in five parts which divides Gandhi’s life into section starting since birth, youth, stay in London and Africa to eventual come back to India.

As one will start the book, a vivid image of a man of late 1800s and early 1900s appears, who is as bourgeois as possible . He talks about all the questions and reservations that a boy and a man of his age comes across. It is very interesting to read how such a normal, average boy ends up becoming the “Father of the nation”. He mentions all the people who left an impression on his personality. Not just that, he very well jots down the point, the ills of him and the socially immoral things that he once picked up.

His interest in all the religions and finding a discourse for himself which he sets all by himself, because he fits them fine is something which touched me gigantically. He never compromised with his principals and ideas, no matter what. Never did he do anything to be anyone or to achieve anything. He did so, only because of a sheer reason that it pleased him to do all the things which he did. He never asked anyone to follow his principles but irrespective of that everyone did follow him.

Majority of his life is spent in doing experiments with food and his body. And it would not be wrong to say that he was more of a nurse than anything else. The book is an entrance to Gandhi’s life and personality. It gives a very well insight to understand his decision that he made in the Indian politics later. Very well put book.

Also, this is a book absolutely on Gandhi’s personality not on politics or anything more. Though his travel experiences in the world, especially England, Africa and India brings forth a picture of the cities, villages and infrastructure of that time.

He has proved, Nobody is born anything.. You make yourself in this very life.

HEARTS (on 5) : ❤ | ❤ | ❤ | ❤ |<3 (4/5)


  • I worship god as truth, only i have not yet found him, but i am seeking after him. I am prepared to sacrifice the things dearest to me in pursuit of this quest. …. They may appear quite impossible to an arrogant person and quite possible to an innocent child.
  • ‘ here is an example for you to copy’
  • Renunciation of objects, without the renunciation of desires, is short lived, however hard you may try.
  • In friendship there is very little scope for reform.
  • A man of few words will rarely be thoughtless in his speech, he will measure every word.
  • I find that help arrives somehow, from I know not where.

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