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कुछ होता नहीं, और कुछ होता भी नहीं

Helplessness : the times when we are so stuck that we cannot breathe neither can we stop breathing. Its like swallowing  the poison, in fragments to disturb every part of you, sulking and avoiding the facts and living under an impression which perhaps is not true. It is one such piece, it is one such… Continue reading कुछ होता नहीं, और कुछ होता भी नहीं


Are you, What you once wanted to be ?

Photo credits :  Roshan Shetty To follow at Instagram :  Today I took a plunge to write about a topic, which constitutes a major part of our lives. Discovering ourselves and discovering what we actually want to do ? What should we do ? What will be that thing which will be the source of sheer… Continue reading Are you, What you once wanted to be ?


Bitter-Sweet Symphony of Speech

image credits : Usha RameshFollow her amazing work at : Being a participant to one of the very regular conversations, I was asked by a gentleman, "What do you do ?", to which i replied, "I write for a magazine as a journalist." Aghast, was the reaction which i received from this gentleman, which he… Continue reading Bitter-Sweet Symphony of Speech