What is this “STATE/Nation”, where you live ?

India is fighting its 17th Lok Sabha election presently. Numerous election speeches, promises and jumlas are equally being propagated in the world's biggest democracy. Rhetoric speeches on the name of the country, nationalism and its integrity, remains to be the highlights of the 'meant to be ' attractive slogans. But the clamouring and the fights… Continue reading What is this “STATE/Nation”, where you live ?

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Understanding ‘Gandhi : His Formative years [before 1914]’​

No one is born a Mahatma and neither was Gandhi. It's very interesting to understand how a man of a simple character without being the emperor, ruler, militant, scientist, artist or without any fancy ranking in the history ended up being the "Father of a Nation". Born to the fourth wife (Putlibai) of Karamchandra Gandhi… Continue reading Understanding ‘Gandhi : His Formative years [before 1914]’​


Connecting you with yourself :MTNL

source : Paying Rs 27 for a 24 minute call in 2019, is what Dolphin bestows you with.. 🙂 When the entire India waged a war against roaming calls and eventually succumbed it to death, my dear MTNL has not forgotten where it came from. It Still stuck to its roots. Still so primitive, so raw, so natural, and… Continue reading Connecting you with yourself :MTNL


Why not Stop abusing and Start exploiting them

I absolutely agree, “Exploitation” is too strong a word, which I suggest to start, but as you will finish reading the article, it might happen that you will give this thought a rethink.  What always has been a part of the history of humankind and accompanied the evolution of societies is now a subject of… Continue reading Why not Stop abusing and Start exploiting them


How this native of N.America entered & got Popular in India

Drive through any part of Uttarakhand, Punjab and Haryana, and chances of you coming across trees laid down in a perfect geometrical patterns, will be very high. Congenital as it appears, it has not been the case since ever. This fairly new tree which can be found being partnered with “Eucalyptus”, [ about which I de-mystified few… Continue reading How this native of N.America entered & got Popular in India


Give farmers confidence, not Cash

This year the farming community was indirectly inflated with money, firstly with MSP hike and then by the loan waiving epidemic.  In the current un-constructive competition, between the political parties, parties seem to have picked up their vote bank and are religiously focusing on serving their interests without actually retorting the agenda of “Doubling Farmer’s income”.… Continue reading Give farmers confidence, not Cash